Selling Your Home by Yourself

There's More to Selling Your Home than a "For Sale" Sign In Your Front Yard.

If you are considering selling your home on your own, please know that you may receive questions like these (and more) from prospective buyers:

"How does your home compare to others like it in Short Hills, Millburn, Livingston or Summit?"

"How did you determine the fair market value of this property?"

"What about financing? Can you help?"

"If I make an offer, who will draw up the paperwork?"

"Why aren't you using a real estate agent? Is there something wrong with the property?"

"Since you aren't using a real estate agent, we can take their fee right off the top, right?"

Without experience in the real estate space, or in depth knowledge of the local market, these can be difficult questions to answer. (That's probably why the majority of homes are sold using a real estate agent). I want to do more than just answer these questions on your behalf, however. I also want to make sure each and every buyer understands the true value of your home so they make an offer that reflects its worth. And, even better, I want to use extensive marketing to attract as many interested buyers as possible to ensure that you gain the maximum financial return from the sale.

I consider one of the most important parts of my job to help you negotiate with buyers who would prefer to pay less than what your home is truly worth. Once we find a suitable buyer, I will also guide you through the complex paperwork and potential pitfalls of escrow and closing. Many people who choose to sell their home on their own are unfortunately unaware of many of the obstacles that can come up in this process and errors are often costly.

Just remember that buyers aim to get your home for as little as they possibly can. Some may view a 'For Sale By Owner' sign as an opportunity to purchase a home for far less than its worth. Therefore, if you must sell your own home, at least let me give you a sense of its true market value. Tell me a bit about your home, and I'll be happy to do a quick Comparative Market Analysis to let you know its approximate worth. I'll also detail how I would market your property if given the opportunity. This is a free, no obligation service.

So don't price your home alone! I've had 25 years of experience in the Short Hills, Millburn, Livingston and Summit market to help in determining the true value of your property.

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